The central question within this exhibition was: is there a connection between the (alleged) madness of Vincent van Gogh and his artistry?

In the Van Gogh Files the ‘’ crazy” genius Van Gogh was presented from different points of view.

The exhibition followed the life story of Vincent van Gogh, combined with challenging questions for the visitor to compose their own view on several topics. Upon entering the exhibition each visitor received a personal file. The personal file offered the visitor the opportunity to open dialogue and to do research on the person Vincent van Gogh.

Writing to Vincent
The second layer of the educational program gave the visitor the chance to write a letter to Vincent Van Gogh, inspired by themes of his life.  Letters about dreams, ways of dealing with life, emotions, dilemma’s, choices. Several of these letters were shared on the surrounding walls.

Concept & realization: Het Dolhuys
Educational program/ assisting curator: Carine Brinkman
Exposition design: René Put &; Brigitte Gootink |
Construction cupboards: Klief Rotterdam
Cooperation exhibition texts: AV Beeldvertaling | Aukje Vergeest
Translations: Diane Webb

25 August 2010-27 February 2011