De Bovenkamer is an educational program for youngsters from fourteen to eighteen years old, partially developed with, and for them. In De Bovenkamer, teenagers have the opportunity to learn in an interactive way about how their brain works. One of the purposes is to learn about yourself and others,  to learn about mental and physical health and to develop a positive mindset about all sorts of behaviour. The program gives insights in one of the most turbulent periods in life: puberty. What happens in your brain when you fall in love, why do people have impulsive behavior, what is fear, what are emotions and  hormones, what are neurons and what is a hippocampus? These and other questions are investigated in De Bovenkamer, an open minded environment to learn. Also for parents and teachers, a visit to De Bovenkamer can be an interesting glimpse in the heads of their children and pupils.

Concept & realization: Het Dolhuys
Education program: Carine Brinkman & Floris Mulder.
Architect buro: Slangenhulsker
Multimedia and design: IJsfontein
Interior design: Stag
Video interviews: Palookaville