(..) O mistério das cousas, onde está ele?
Onde está ele que não aparece
Pelo menos a mostrar-nos que é mistério? (..)

In this exposition, poems of famous Portuguese poet and writer Fernando Pessoa made a connection with photography. One of the challenges was:  how to translate his words and thoughts into images?

The guidelines for making the photos were themes like reflection, silence, nature. To try and see things as they are.  Inspired by Pessoa the photography researched amongst others the question “why we acknowledge beauty to things, while they are merely just things?” The design of the exposition was built with washing lines, attaching several poems of Pessoa to the lines, making it  ‘poetry in motion’.
Pessoa’s words and thoughts invite to investigate and search and question.

Concept, photography and design: Carine Brinkman

In cooperation with Centro Portugues de Fotografia, Porto 4th May-30th June 2013

In cooperation with: Casa Fernando Pessoa, Lisboa,
12 April-29th June 2012