‘Oogst’ was developed for the Art Nights at the Swedish island of Oland – 2009

Every September the island of Oland is celebrating its harvest of pumpkins, potatoes, apples, onions, carrots and much more. The harvest is combined with the yearly “Art Nights” in which the work of artists, musicians and performers can be experienced all over the island. The festival has about 100.000 visitors every year which makes it the largest harvest festival in Sweden.

The concept consisted of photography of the season’s harvest, displayed in wooden fruit cases that served as frames, enticing the visitors to have a bite of art. The exposition was on display in a beautifully restored former school building, surrounded by apple trees and amidst fields of potatoes and pumpkins.

Concept & photograpy: Carine Brinkman
With many thanks to : Bart Pots and Cké Laver from Klockarsgarden, Resmo, Oland