The exposition “Freud’s Dreamland (or the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society) is an exposition designed by artist Zoe Beloff. Her fascination for Sigmund Freud and his theory of psychoanalysis resulted in the fantasy parc ‘Freuds Dreamland’ with a pavillion for the subconscious, a dreamfactory, films, drawings and distortion mirrors. ‘The story goes that Sigmund Freud visited Coney Island, New York ca. 100 years ago. Inspired by the new theories of Freud. Chairman Albert Grass from the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society designed an maquette for a special amusementpark, based on the dream theory by Freud.

The educational program was a guided tour through the exposition with filosphical questions combined with a creative workshop, making a dreamweaver.

Concept & realization exhibition: Het Dolhuys in cooperation with Zoe Beloff.
Education program: Carine Brinkman

25 May-23 October 2011