Many people are making small and large courageous deeds every day, and inspire others by doing so.  The main question for this residency period was: “what is courage’? How do people gather courage to go forward every day? How to people follow their dream? How to have perseverance in life?

My residency consisted of a personal photography project inspired on the work of Portuguese/French abstract painter Maria Helena da Vieira da Silva  (1908-1992).  FASVS  and a a project with the Youth Collective of the museum, FAZ 15-25 to talk about courage and to visualize reflections and thoughts.  Following the portuguese tradition of azulejos we made a art object to inspire dialogue. The designs and photography were displayed together on the wall at the entrance of the museum. The visitors were invited to participate by making their own courage designs.

  “Un tableau doit avoir son coeur, son système nerveux, ses os et sa circulation. Il doit resembler a une personne en ses mouvements. Il faudrait que celui le regarde se trouve devant un être qui lui tiendra compagnie, qui lui racontera des histoires, qui lui donnera des certitudes. Parce que le tableau n’est pas l’evasion, il doit être un ami qui vous parle, qui decouvre les richesses cachées en vous et autour de vous”.  Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.
For more information:  Fundação Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva, Lisbon :  and FAZ 15-25 Youth Collective

oct 2014/jan 2015

With many thanks to Viúva Lamego ceramic factory for sponsoring materials